We all know PSAs, but when I use the term, at least in the context of this post the P doesn’t stand for Public. In this, PSA  stands for Parental Service Announcement, and trust me this is something you’ll want to know.

So your tiny human is getting less tiny, and it time for mom to head back to work. Maybe grandma’s offered to take care of your human, but you’ve heard so many positive things about Daycare. How it benefits them to have social interactions with other tiny people, how they learn new skills exponentially faster etc.

All if this is true, and sure, you’ve been at this for over a year now. Colds and Fevers? You’ve got it handled, plus your human has a great immune system.

Prepare for the fustercluck that is Daycare, my friends. A temperate, closed room full of tiny people, playing with the same toys, chewing on the same things, often just straight up salivating all over one another and poking each other in the eyes. They will get sick, I don’t care how strong of an immune system your little monster has.

Over the summer while were in Greece, our tiny human basically licked the entire Southern Balkan peninsula.  And we just kept saying, “She building up her immunity…like a vaccine” . She didn’t get sick throughout the whole trip, even though her mom and I both caught colds.

She’s now been in daycare for about 8 weeks. she’s been sick 3 times. We’ve been sick 3 times. Another parent I know made a great comment on one of our Instagram posts, and that in turn got me thinking about writing this post.

She wrote: Daycare... keeping parents sick every 2 weeks 😷

She wrote: Daycare... keeping parents sick every 2 weeks 😷

And oh man, is she ever spot on.The first time illness was mild, a sort of light gastro which manifested as a run of the mill cold for us adults. The second instance was something called roseola, she just had crazy-high fever for 5 straight days. Wouldn’t eat, didn’t want to play, just wanted to be held and take baths. Her mom caught a slight cold during this period, I, on the other hand, felt a lot like the little one. Fever, chills and just a general sense of malaise. This last one though, this last one kicked out asses.

It started with a crusty eye, no cause for too much concern, it was probably just backed up tear duct, so we waited it out for a day, but it got worse. So we went to her Doctor who said she has a very contagious BACTERIAL eye infection and we had to treat it with some antibiotic ointment. So, I called her daycare to let them know and they tell me half her class is out with pink eye. Shit; no pun intended. While all this was happening she started getting low-grade fevers and just being cranky, then a runny nose, and a cough. SO basically she turned into a tiny adorable chemical weapon. All that airborne contagion floating around… we got sick, both of us and it’s been bad.

Felt a lot like the flu at first. Heavy congestion, aches, chills, sore throat the works. Five days in and we figured, hey we should be on the mend any day now. We figured wrong. A few nights ago My wife started complaining about sinus pain, and I was feeling it a bit also, so we considered heading to the clinic but we waited it out. I had already gone in once to rule out strep throat because, to be honest, I could barely swallow. But it was negative, doc said it was just a virus but he did give me an ointment for the eye infection tiny human shared with her kisses. 

OK cool. fast forward 7 days, I’m sitting on the couch and my ear blocks… that's weird, hmmm, it kind of hurt. It was a mild dull ache, my parents were over and I mentioned how I was worried about an ear infection, something I hadn’t had in over 24 years. My dad promptly  called me a  hypochondriac, and said smugly “Don’t be stupid, you would be in a lot of pain.” And so they went home, and my dad turned out to be right; well half right.

I wasn’t stupid, and I was in mind numbing, back arching pain. It got so bad I think my wife, who was busy coughing up a lung next to me, almost cried in sympathy. Let me tell you this an adult ear infection can reduce a grown ass man to a terrified toddler in no time. OMFG next level pain, and I once had an undiagnosed kidney infection for 4 months, this was worst. 

Anyway, this post has gotten longer thaN I would have liked, sum up:
Were both on broad-spectrum antibiotics for the next 10 days, Tiny Human seems to be doing just great, but I figure by the time we finish out treatment she’ll have caught something new to pass along, so yeah, there’s that.

Be ready for it, Physically and psychologically. They will get sick, and you will catch it and it will suck; HARD.